Why Everyone Wants the Lob Cut

Why Everyone Wants the Lob Cut

The lob has been called the cut that works on everyone. And it really is a versatile look. If you’re going for a new style that is on trend without being too edgy for the office, the lob is just the look for you. Check out why we suggest the lob haircut for your latest 2016 style.

What is the lob haircut?

The lob cut is a long bob. The look can be worn in multiple ways. A blunt lob is an easy style to wear for hair with no layers that isn’t too short. You can also do a layered lob that allows you to keep length in the front while the hair gradually rises to a shorter length at the back of the neck. And Toronto hair salons are seeing more and more requests for this universally flattering style.

Why Hairafter Salon is loving the lob

The nice thing about the lob is that it works with all hair types—curly, straight, side-parted, and even with long bangs. Because of its medium length that usually falls close to the shoulders, this cut makes styling easy and your hair simple to maintain. And it provides just enough length that you can pull it into a ponytail or updo and style as you please, making it a more flexible style than a traditional bob.

If you like to wear your hair long but have damaged your ends with heat, colour, or excessive styling, the lob is a great way to regain healthy looking hair. It is the cut that Toronto salons are recommending for damaged hair that needs to be refreshed. And you won’t have to worry about leaving with a change that is too dramatic for you.

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